Drupal: Facebook-style Micropublisher v1.1 released

After four months of relatively slow development of Facebook-style Micropublisher (FBSMP), I am happy to tag the branch with 6.x-1.1 release. It might be the last release for this branch, as I would now be upgrading FBSMP to support the latest 6.x-3.x branch of Facebook-style Statuses.

A lot of cool features are coming up with this release especially in the beloved link plugin,

  1. link plugin: allow users to share links to audio sharing sites such as soundcloud, 8tracks.
  2. Repost the attachments along with status (similar to re-share and re-tweet functionality), supported by link and photo plugin.
  3. link plugin: inline editing of title and description, cool JS.
  4. link plugin: edit the title and description field of the attachment.
  5. Support for processing GET parameters in the URL.
  6. link plugin now allows to share the URL using the flink GET parameter. More…

The complete list of features and bug fixes can be found in the release notes.

I hope you enjoy creating amazing sites using the new features and share them here for the world to know how cool this module is 😉

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