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It's official and it's officially exciting: 

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are married!!!

The couple exchanges vows on Saturday inside a castle in Miami, with John Legend performing at the reception and Wade's children on hand for the big event.

Now, the blushing bride has given fans their first look at her wedding gown, posting the following photo on Instagram and including with it a one word caption that reads: “#TheWadeUnion.”

Joining the newlyweds in this photo are Wade's two sons Zaire, 12, and Zion, 7, as well as his nephew Dahveon, who the Heat shooting guard has been raising for years.

Added the Being Mary Jane star in another online entry:

“Thank you thank you thank you @DennisBasso for helping me design THE most perfect gowns for the most special night of my life… So grateful… So happy."

We send our best wishes to the couple and we include Union's gown among the celebrity wedding dresses we positively adore:

1. Kate Middleton Wedding Dress
Wow. That's all we can say about Kate Middleton's wedding dress. She looks simply stunning.

If you remember the infamous Britney Spears meltdown of 2008, then you might remember Adnan Ghalib - the British-born paparazzo and all around D-bag with whom Britney was romantically involved at the time. 

Spears and Ghalib only dated briefly but it was quite the wild ride. After their breakup, Ghalib threatened to sell a Britney sex tape, and she ended up getting a restraining order against him.

Despite the scandalous nature of their relationship, Britney is rumored to be reaching out to Ghalib in the wake of her breakup of with David Lucado

"They never really stopped talking," says a source close to Britney, adding that Spears and Ghalib cut off communication only briefly at the insistence of Lucado.

Britney is still bound a conservatorship which places her under her father Jamie's care, so she's reportedly been forced to communicate with Ghalib covertly.

"Jamie monitors Britney's cell phone, but she found a way to secretly text Adnan," says the insider. 

While it's slightly ridiculous that a 32-year-old mother of two has to hide her flirtations from her father, in this case we hope for Spears' sake that Jamie's intervention is successful.

After all, it was her behavior while she was dating Ghalib that landed Brit under her dad's thumb in the first place.

1. Reg Jones
Yes, the man who took Britney's v-card was a high school love named Reg Jones.

Ladies and gentlemen... we have an Olicity Alert!

The CW has released a new teaser for Arrow Season 3 - and while shots of Thea training under the tutelage of her father, along with Laurel being all bad ass and Peter Stormare appearing as Count Vertigo are intriguing... there's only one scene that matters in this promo.

It's of Oliver and Felicity kissing. EEEK!

Or at least starting to kiss. We do fear that the smooch so many fans have been clamoring for may be interrupted at the last second, but let's pretend otherwise for now and let's allow our fantasies to run wild:

Arrow Season 3 premieres Wednesday, October 8 at 8/7c on The CW.

Need to catch up before then? You can always watch Arrow online via TV Fanatic. Enjoy!

1. Sheldon and Amy
Sheldon and Amy are The Big Bang Theory's perfect nerdy couple, even if Sheldon doesn't look exactly comfortable here.

Has Nick Cannon already moved on from Mariah Carey?

To someone who looks a lot like Mariah Carey?

According to Star Magazine, Cannon and 23-year old model Jasmine Sanders acted VERY friendly with each other during an event in Malibu a few weeks ago, with an onlooker at a July 26 launch party saying the two could "barely keep their hands off each other."

Sanders refers to herself as "Golden Barbie" and posted a photo to Instagram around this same date of herself in a nude-colored bathing suit, posing in front of a sunset with her head back and hair flowing.

Remind you of certain singer and her recent album cover?

Cannon and Carey are expected to file for divorce any day now.

The America's Got Talent host has admitted to "trouble in paradise" between the stars and said they've been separated for months, a remark that angered Mariah because the two had agreed to remain quiet until their split was official.

The basis for this breakup remain unclear, though some claim Carey is jealous of other women in Cannon's life; while other allege Cannon believes Mariah is an emotional mess.

"In Nick’s mind, the relationship has been over for years,” an insider tells Star, adding that Cannon is paying for Sanders' lavish Los Angeles apartment and also getting it on with a dancer named Brittany Dailey.

So much for always being Mariah's baby, huh?

1. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Red Carpet Photo
Nick and Mariah posing for the paps. The couple is believed to have one of Hollywood's most stable marriages.

Remember Faa Mai, the baby elephant who was rescued last year, who resides at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand and who enjoys being sung to sleep?

Well... he's back! And cuter than ever!

The following video depicts little (by elephant standards) Faa Mai having the absolute time of his life, twirling a ribbon around with his trunk and even falling on his side at one point to play.

Watch now, but consider yourself warned: this footage contains extreme images of adorableness. Viewer discretion is advised.

It's hard to know which is more fun for baby elephants, twirling a ribbon or playing with a soccer ball.

But it is very easy to have fun while toggling through a number of viral elephant videos.

Sit back and enjoy now:

1. Elephant Sits on Man's Lap
Well, this is downright adorable. Look what happens when this baby elephant comes across a nice man... with a strong lap.