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Now this is the Justin Bieber we know and love!

The singer, who is traveling with his mother and a friend overseas, shared a video on Instagram today of his visit to an orphanage in Japan.

"Love these kids!!" the Canadian singing wrote as a caption to him being rather sweet and cute himself:

Earlier in the week, Bieber made a pretty big mistake when he accidentally honored a few Japanese war criminals on Twitter.

But he quickly corrected himself and apologized.

"In Japan and JB just randomly decided to show up at an orphanage and surprise some kids. #SoProud," Patti Mallette Tweeted in response to this showing.

Bieber appears to be on a much improved path these days.

By his own admission, the artist has learned a lot in the past year and he hasn't gotten arrest or ran afoul of the law in any way in weeks.

The star, meanwhile, was just granted a delay in his upcoming Miami DUI trial. His next scheduled sounding date is June 25 and his trial date now scheduled for July 7.

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1. Justin Bieber Adidas Picture
Justin Bieber poses here on behalf of Adidas NEO. Do you like his tattoos?
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Justin Bieber Adidas Picture

Justin Bieber poses here on behalf of Adidas NEO. Do you like his tattoos?

Justin Bieber Adidas Photo

Justin Bieber strums a guitar on this photo on behalf of Adidas NEO.

Justin Bieber for Adidas NEO

Justin Bieber holds an electric guitar and stares down the camera in this sexy picture on behalf of Adidas.

Look at His Shoes!

Justin Bieber is looking at his shoes for a reason in this photo. It's an ad for Adidas NEO.

Justin Bieber Rocks Out

Justin Bieber has a reason to be smiling. He's making A LOT of money for this Adidas campaign.

Justin Bieber Ad Campaign Pic

Justin Bieber is a spokesman for Adidas. He looks lost in thought in this advertisement for the brand.

Justin Bieber in a Closet

Justin Bieber stares intensely into the camera while standing in a closet for this sexy Adidas ad.

Justin Bieber in a White Tanktop

Justin Bieber poses here in a tanktop, with a guitar, and shills for Adidas NEO. He looks great!

Big Smiles from Justin Bieber

Smile for the camera, Justin Bieber! The does just this for an Adidas ad campaign.

Justin Bieber Photo Shoot

Could Justin Bieber be any sexier?!? He strikes a pose here while shilling for Adidas.

Behind the Scenes with Justin Bieber

We're behind the scenes here with Justin Bieber as he shoots an ad campaign on behalf of Adidas NEO.

Justin Bieber for Adidas

Justin Bieber stars here in an ad campaign for Adidas NEO. We may need to go buy these.

Justin Bieber with a Guitar

Looking sharp, Justin Bieber! The singer shills for Adidas in this photo.

Justin Biebe Looks Sexy

Justin Bieber looks down and also looks sexy in this ad for Adidas NEO.

Avril Lavigne has made plenty of bad decisions in her life (she's married to Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger, for Pete's sake), but we can't imagine what the Canadian songstress was thinking when she shot the video for her song "Hello Kitty."

The clip features Avril doing her best Nicki Minaj/Ke$ha impression while perpetuating pretty much every negative Asian stereotype in the book. 

Awful as it is, you may want to watch the video while you can, as it's already been banned from YouTube once as a result of outrage from civil rights groups.

YouTube hasn't issued a statement as to why the clip was temporarily pulled this morning.

While the video is certainly offensive there are millions of hours of offensive footage on YouTube and "Hello Kitty" doesn't seem to violate the site's terms of use in any clear way.

It's likely that Lavigne realized some would find the video racially insensitive and is relying on the negative reaction to drum up some publicity for her new single. 

Avril is no stranger to using stunts to help resurrect her ailing career. Earlier this month the singer staged a fake feud with Miley Cyrus for no apparent reason. 

What do you think? Is the video for "Hello Kitty" offensive?


No! It's funny!Yes! What was she thingking?!Who cares? Avril is still alive?!

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James Franco sure does love getting shirtless with other men.

We're not judging, we're just taking note of the actor's Bound 3 video alongside a half-naked Seth Rogen and also of a picture that went live this week on his Instagram account.

It's of Franco and Pretty Little Liars star Keegan Allen, both relaxing happily in bed, no clothes to be seen:

Wrote Allen of the photo: "Loved seeing "of mice and men. And @jamesfrancotv showed me how to do a proper bed selfie."

The actors are featured in the film Palo Alto, based on Franco's book. It premieres tomorrow at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Franco, meanwhile, has a history with one of Allen's colleagues on the aforementioned ABC Family hit.

Remember when he sang a parody of Boyfriend alongside Ashley Benson and was also rumored to be dating that Pretty Little Liars beauty?

Fun times. Check out some other unusual celebrity selfies here:

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1. Ellen DeGeneres Oscar Selfie
Ellen DeGeneres posts the best selfie ever. Literally the best, in terms of re-Tweets.
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Ellen DeGeneres Oscar Selfie

Ellen DeGeneres posts the best selfie ever. Literally the best, in terms of re-Tweets.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. Selfie

Selfie alert! Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. have been married since 2002 but keep a really, really low profile! Here's a rarely seen selfie of the couple!

Colin Powell Selfie

Colin Powell posts an amazing selfie from 60 years ago! Did he invent the selfie?!

Biden, Obama Selfie!

Joe Biden and Barack Obama in the V.P.'s first-ever Instagram selfie.

Jimmy Kimmel, Clintons Selfie

Jimmy Kimmel and the Clintons pose for a selfie. Eat your heart out, Ellen!

Miley Cyrus, Shower Selfie

Her tongue isn't reserved for the red carpet only. Miley Cyrus lets it wag here.

Rihanna Grabs Boobs

Rihanna ducks under water and grabs her boobs in this selfie. We approve!

Drake Shirtless

Drake isn't wearing a shirt in this selfie. We're guessing female readers ar okay with this.

Kim Kardashian Bathing Suit Selfie

Kim Kardashian shows off her post-baby body in this selfie. It drummed up some serious controvery.

Ortiz-Obama Selfie

Red Sox slugger David Ortiz and President Barack Obama take a selfie at the White House. Product placement by Samsung.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shirtless

Arnold Schwarzenegger is in on the selfie act. He's shirtless in this self-portrait.

Wladimir Klitschko Shirtless

Heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko is all about the selfie. And all about the muscles, clearly.

Kim Zolciak Pregnant Selfie

Kim Zolciak is often pregnant. She shows off her large baby bump in this selfie.

Bill Clinton and Demi Lovato

Here's a selfie we never expected to see. It features Bill Clinton and Demi Lovato!

Nicki Minaj Sucking Selfie

Nicki Minaj sucks in this selfie. Literally! She has her fingers in her mouth.

Jenelle Evans and Son Selfie

Jenelle Evans has some issue. But the only issue here is how cute son Jace is!

Demi Lovato Bikini Selfie

Demi Lovato shows off her sleek body in this selfie at the beach. She's looking good!

Ireland Baldwin Topless

You may wanna avert your eyes, Alec Baldwin. Ireland Baldwin is very much topless in this selfie.

Brad Pitt Selfie

Brad Pitt smiles for the camera in this selfie. For the camera of a fan, that is.

Katy Perry and Fans Selfie

Katy Perry takes a selfie here of herself and some screaming fans. It's safe to assume she made their day.

Jenny McCarthy Selfie

Jenny McCarthy shows off her new hair in this selfie. Do you like it?

Best/Worst Selfie Ever?

Florida teen Malik Whiter posted this selfie with his teacher, who was going into labor, in the background.

Kristin Cavallari Baby Bump Selfie

Kristin Cavallari looks really cute with her baby bump in this selfie. Don't you agree?

Beyonce Photobomb Selfie

Beyonce photobombs a fan's selfie. Now that is a great concert pic to put on Facebook!

Kourtney Kardashian: Cleavage Selfie!

Kourtney Kardashian poses here for a nice cleavage selfie. We're liking it!

Obama Selfie at Mandela Funeral

Even President Obama is into the act of selfies. At the funeral for Nelson Mandela, no less.

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Selfie

A shot of the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. One of the kids looks like he's balding.

Ireland Baldwin Tattoo Selfie

Ireland Baldwin shows off her tattoo in this selfie. The daughter of Alec Baldwin is not shy.

James Franco Selfie

James Franco posted this selfie in bed. Which is not vaguely creepy or anything like that.

Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown Selfie

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown team up on the most disgusting selfie of all time.

Selena Gomez Instagram Selfie

Selena's latest selfie. She may be posting the best pics on Instagram.

Stephen Colbert and David Letterman

Stephen Colbert and David Letterman are just a couple of boobs. According to this selfie, at least.

It's safe to say Jodie Foster has now come out of the closet.

The veteran actress, who hinted very strongly that she's gay in a moving Golden Globes speech last year, married photographer Alexandra Hedison over the weekend.

E! News broke this exciting story, as a rep for the Oscar winner confirms that the year-long couple is now Wife and Wife.

Said Foster in January 2013 at the aforementioned awards ceremony:

"This is not going to be a big coming-out speech tonight because I already did my coming out about a thousand years ago back in the stone age – in those very quaint days when a fragile girl would open up to trusted friends and family and coworkers and then gradually proudly to everyone who knew her."

She then thanked ex-girlfriend Cydney Bernard, who she dated for two decades and with whom she has two sons, Charles and Kit.

Hedison, meanwhile, dated Ellen DeGeneres for approximately three years before that relationship ended in 2004. Her photography has been shown in New York and Los Angeles and she has a few acting credits to her name as well.

We send the newlyweds all our best wishes!

Another day, another rumored new love interest for sexy beast Robert Pattinson, who's been single and ready to mingle ever since splitting from Kristen Stewart.

This time, for a change of celebrity gossip pace, the 27-year-old Brit is not being linked to Katy Perry ... but to Katy Perry's stylist friend Cleo Wade!

"Cleo is one of Katy's best friends, so Rob has been spending time with their gang," a source told The Sun. "It's early days, but they seem to have good chemistry."

"They spent a lot of time together over the weekend."

Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry are friends (and have been the subject of dating rumors themselves), so this seems believable enough as speculation goes.

However, a source close to Pattinson isn't buying it.

He and Wade "are not dating," according to E!      

The insider noted that while R-Pattz and Wade do in fact run with the same group of friends, the actor is not dating her. He is indeed still very single.

Rob was also romantically linked to London-based artist and painter Nettie Wakefield back in January, only to have a source similarly shoot that down.

Oh well, maybe someday Nettie and/or Cleo.

In random news, Rob loves to skip with cows:

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1. Robert Pattinson and Cow Invade Bangerz Tour
Miley Cyrus is Twrking with a horse in this Meme and... hey! There's Robert Pattinson with a cow!
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Robert Pattinson and Cow Invade Bangerz Tour

Miley Cyrus is Twrking with a horse in this Meme and... hey! There's Robert Pattinson with a cow!

Robert Pattinson and Cow Invade Twilight

Wheeee! Wait for me! Robert Pattinson and this cow get in on this Twilight scene.

Robert Pattinson and Cow in Gravity

Don't let go of Robert Pattinson, cow. Don't ever let go!

Robert Pattinson and a Cow Figure Skate

Robert Pattinson and this cow try to get in on some Olympic ice dancing in this Meme.

Robert Pattinson Skips Down the Highway

Robert Pattinson is skipping around with a cow in this Meme that depicts him alongside a Segway.