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22 responses to “Drupal: Facebook-style Micropublisher Preview”

  1. Roger Doiron

    Congratulations, Nitin, on this useful module. We’re looking forward to putting it through the paces on our website in the weeks ahead.

  2. Jamie


    This module is very well done and I can’t wait to test it. When do you think you will be releasing the beta version? I’d like to be sure we’re using a fairly stable release. I see you’ve been rolling out updates quite frequently, great work.

    I signed up on LondonFuse.ca so I could really get a sense of how it works. How did LondonFuse integrate the stream of updates to the user page? Is that a custom view? I’m trying to get a sense of the line where FBSMP module ends and other modules begin. I will know more once I install the beta and looking forward to the documentation you’re working on now.

    Thanks for all your hard work on this module. I’m sure it will be in great demand.


  3. onigoetz

    Hi !

    I’m quite new to Drupal,

    I used to work a little bit with it a long time ago,

    Now I need to do something for a client : Do that we can share links like on facebook in the comments. can your module do that ?

    Thanks in advance for your answer

  4. Facebook Share button and Like button stats do not reflect what we may perceive | Technical flirtings

    [...] counter is actually the value of <total_count> tag value. For example, the number of likes on Drupal: Facebook-style Micropublisher Preview is shown as 5, but if you click this link [...]

  5. corrado izzo

    Hi Nittin

    This is a greta module you built there, i am evaluating the various possibilities on how to build a community implementing facebook like features like you developed here.
    I am a total Newbie to Drupal but know of its power. What else (which modules) would one need to run a website implementing your module ?

    all the best
    Corrado Izzo

  6. corrado izzo

    Hi Nitin

    Thank you very much for your answer. What are your thoughts on combining wordpress and drupal ?

    what the app we want to build actually wants to accomplish is the following:

    Internal Messaging
    Create Groups
    Wall – like in facebook
    Status – like on facebook
    blogs (comment etc)

    i need a simple first version and that’s why i thought about a wordpress multisite install with the gigya socialize tools. Sorry this might seem strange to you but i am not a programmer/developer and just wanting to find out what the best and most convenient solution is, in order to be able to scale it as things progress.

    all the best
    corrado izzo

  7. Syamsul

    This module looks great! But I notice that it uploads documents into a Slideshare account. Is there a way to have the documents attached directly to the status post without going to slideshare?

  8. Jah


    I have created a site using your module however i want on the feeds page to only display feeds for user friends similar to facebbok on and out all users is there and option to do that.



  9. arpit

    I have created direct downloadable document plugin(d7).Here you can see if it helps you.

  10. Paulson

    Can we upload multiple images at a time, and display them in one thread as like in facebook albums.

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